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Austin Smith is a proud 5th-Generation Arizonan. Growing up in LD-29, he became a National FFA Award recipient and an All-State award-winning football player at Millennium High School. Working in the agricultural industry on ranches and farms across Arizona, he saw firsthand how devastating an out-of-control government can be to water, business, and freedom. This led him to become involved with grassroots activism as early as the 2014 Midterms. Beginning in 2016, Austin joined a young team of Conservative Activists led by Charlie Kirk and helped convince Charlie to move Turning Point USA’s headquarters from Chicago to Phoenix. Turning Point would go on to create over 200 Arizona jobs thanks in large part to Austin’s insistence that the heart of the Youth Movement for Freedom & Free Markets be based in America’s next great Battleground State. After four years working directly under Charlie Kirk—one of America’s foremost conservative fighters—Austin helped him to run Students For Trump, a 501(c)4 project of Turning Point Action. In his capacity there as National Field Director, Austin organized a state-of-the-art effort, creating college chapters on over 300 campuses, amassing over 750,000 doors knocked—effectively reaching millions of voters with President Trump’s America First message. Following the 2020 election, while actively engaged in the grassroots effort to Audit the Vote in Maricopa County, Austin completed a robust offensive to recruit 1,000 Precinct Committeemen in Arizona, fighting every day to take back our state from the grips of tyrannical Democrat rule both here at home and in Washington DC. An avid outdoorsman, amateur golfer, and active member of his church community, Austin spends what free time he has with his mom Sabrina, dad Rick, and brother Troy enjoying the natural beauty of the state his family has called Home since 1908.

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Arizona deserves a bold, decisive leader with a new, fresh vision for State 48.

Austin Smith will be that leader. 

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What happened on November 3rd, 2020 in Maricopa County continues to be a national disgrace and embarrassment. Not only that, Austin believes it was criminal and will fight every day in the State Legislature to hold those responsible to account. American cannot expect to survive without public trust in such a basic democratic institution. Arizona deserves a leader with the political will to enact the common-sense reforms that will keep our elections secure—that includes sponsoring legislation to enact mandatory voter ID, requiring Arizonans to vote within their own precincts, and banning no-excuse mail-in voting. Austin also believes that in order to have free & fair elections, we have to rid our processes of any software that can be corrupted, hacked, or tampered with by malicious outside forces. Every Arizonan has a right to trust that their vote was counted fairly which is why he supported the Maricopa County Audit and will continue to support regular audits of every election in State 48. Further, Austin will fight to protect our state’s 10th Amendment Right to facilitate and administer our own elections.



In Arizona, water is the lifeblood of our very existence—and it is in limited supply. We cannot continue to inhabit Arizona without a strong roadmap that both protects our ever-important agricultural priorities and strengthens our suburban communities. Austin will be a leader in enacting sound water conservation measures that will sustain the Grand Canyon State for generations to come.

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Two years ago, Chinese Communists engaged in the world’s greatest act of bioterrorism by unleashing COVID-19 from a lab in Wuhan. The American response to the virus laid bare the deepest tyrannical impulses of this nation’s so-called leaders. It is imperative for the survival of our civilization that we course correct immediately. Once elected, Austin will institutionalize an iron-clad ban on mandatory masking, outlaw the closure of Arizona schools & businesses, and—in accordance with the Supreme Court of the United States—criminalize any attempt to mandate the highly questionable & experimental COVID-19 vaccine. It’s far past time Arizonans are empowered to reject medical tyranny and stand for freedom, individual liberty, and bodily autonomy.




America is being invaded by an unmanageable stream of illegal aliens. Hordes of unvetted, unaccounted for, and dangerous criminals are streaming across our Southern Border and Arizona is facing the brunt of this crisis at the expense of legal American citizens. Once elected, Austin will immediately draft legislation to fund the completion of President Donald Trump’s Border Wall, reconstitute the Arizona Rangers, and deputize the citizens of Arizona to take the border crisis into their own hands and do the job Joe Biden and spineless Republicans have thus far refused to do. Until our border is secure, every town from Yuma to Wittmann is a border town. Austin won’t rest until this invasion is stayed and our border is secure.

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Americans are living through an atrocious genocide of the unborn. Austin believes the Right to Life is a non-negotiable, intrinsic, and God-Given right—he always has and always will. Arizona is the greatest state in America and every child deserves the right to grow up here and live a long, successful life. Once elected, Austin will be the Number One advocate for Arizona’s children by working with the legislature to send a comprehensive Heartbeat Bill straight to the Governor’s Desk, effectively outlawing abortion statewide after 6 weeks. He will lead the charge from Phoenix to repeal Roe vs. Wade nationwide, working with the next Attorney General to challenge the murderous “right” to an abortion.

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Every Arizonan is entitled to their God-Given, non-negotiable, Second Amendment Right to self-defense outlined in the United States Constitution. Once elected, Austin will work every day to stem the will of authoritarians hellbent on disarming the people of this state, especially in the face of the Illegal Invasion and creeping government tyranny. Arizona has always been a national leader in gun rights, and with Austin’s bold and decisive leadership, it will stay that way for generations to come.

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For the last 115 years, Austin's family has raised generations of children in a free state that valued God, family, and country.  Strong Arizona schools, who empowered strong families like Austin's, built a foundation of educational greatness for State 48.  Arizona has led the nation on implementing effective school choice policies that shifted the power to parents and unshackled students from circumstances beyond their control. Austin believes that a Zip Code should never determine a child's future. Arizona's children belong to Arizona's parents—not the state, not the school boards, not the teacher's unions. In the legislature, Austin will fight to strengthen policies that empower parents and build on our state's progress towards educational freedom for all children. That starts with passing legislation on day one that outlaws Critical Race Theory in Arizona Schools. Too many Republicans have stood by while Anti-American Marxists have indoctrinated our kids into hating America. That ends the day Austin Smith is sworn in.

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Growing up in Wittman, Austin knows for a fact that the people of LD-29 pour more blood, sweat, and tears into earning their pay than anywhere else in this state. And he believes that the people of Arizona know how to spend and save their hard-earned money better than any bureaucrat at the Capitol could. By fighting to abolish the Arizona State Income Tax, he’ll ensure you keep every penny you earn. By empowering Arizonans to make their own financial decisions, Austin will help make Arizona the top economic powerhouse in the United States.

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Get in touch with our campaign. Share your thoughts. Join the fight to save our state's Western Heritage. Arizona is worth saving.

That's why I'm running.

Will you join me?

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